SATAN MADE ME DO IT #29 @ Rádio Quântica

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SATAN MADE ME DO IT #29 @ Rádio Quântica

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SATAN MADE ME DO IT #29 @ Rádio Quântica

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If not us, then who? SATAN MADE ME DO IT are back to its despicable duo format after one of us moved from sunny Lisbon to leathery London. And you can tell by this show: we’re thirsty for gallons of blood and hungry for ingesting chunks of hot metal as easy as eating celery sticks.

There’s dark ambient and synth, noisy dementia and depression, tons of metal punk, south american vibes, punk hardcore anger, saucy band names, crazy use of the mixing table’s flanger, reverb and phaser effects, and plain old school metal on top. And guess what: it all makes sense. One of those metal shows you can actually dance to. No one does it quite like SATAN MADE ME DO IT and you better believe it!

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