'Gigs & Festivals' section rules: please read before posting

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'Gigs & Festivals' section rules: please read before posting

Mensagempor otnemeM » quinta fev 14, 2008 6:00 pm

This section's purpose is to allow foreign users to announce Concerts and Festivals outside Portugal or not.
It can also be used by portuguese users to post Concerts in english so the whole world can more easily unserstand.

:arrow: In order to keep this section as organized as possible, the threads will be moved to Arquivo de Concertos e Eventos after the announced date.

:arrow: For reviewing or commenting past events, please use the sub-section Rescaldo.

:arrow: It is possible to visualize this section as a sort of calendar. Just select at the bottom: "Sort by - Subject" "Ascending" and click "[Go]"


:arrow: Please be sure about the information you post. Also, be kind enough to be responsible for editing any possible changes in line-up, date, place, and so on, so that all the information in here is as correct and reliable as possible!

:arrow: Every announcement of an event must have a clear title and be posted according to the following format:
- event date as YYYY.MM.DD (see below for examples, including if it's an event with more than a day)
- bands playing OR name of the event (which may serve as an alternative when there's too many bands to fit the topic's title)
- place/location/country where the event will be held.

2008.07.02 to 08.02 - Wacken:Open:Air - Wacken, Germany
2006.11.09 - Opeth - Camden Roundhouse, London, UK

:arrow: At no given time should there be two threads about the same event. Please use the Search feature before posting.
In case there already is a thread created by someone who isn't related to the organization staff in any way and said staff wishes to do some kind of change, please contact a Moderator or Admin. This way the info will be kept as precise as possible.

Threads which do no respect these rules, that have unclear info or that only mention one or more bands while omitting the rest, will be blocked or deleted.

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