Devastation (TX - USA) - Idolatry LP (2017 reissue)

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Devastation (TX - USA) - Idolatry LP (2017 reissue)

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(pedimos deculpa por só haver descrição em inglês :) )

There are several bands by this name, the most popular being the old school thrash metal band from Corpus Christi, TX USA. To this day, Devastation remains one of the most successful thrash bands to ever come out of Texas. Between the years of 1987 and 1991 they released three brilliant albums of unrelenting thrash and toured the country with the likes of Dark Angel, Sepultura, and Death. Their first show was opening for Anthrax in Texas that same year.
Despite growing popularity, the band came into hard times due to lackluster label support in the 90's and broke up after the tour for their third album "Idolatry". "Violent Termination" is old school thrash with an almost Venom-like musical quality. "Signs of Life" is full throttle, testosterone ingested, adrenaline rushing, heavy metal that straddles a fine line between death metal and thrash metal. "Idolatry" don't let up on the speed or intensity for one second. The production is raw and heavy which adds an overall appeal, a very powerful and crushing wall of sound. "Idolatry" is one of the heaviest thrash metal albums ever written, ranking up with the toughest of thrash monsters; Possessed, Dark Angel, Death, etc. As with those bands, Devastation were one the borderline of death metal, but never actually crossing over into blast beats or growling vocals. The guitars on this album are vicious, being produced by legendary metal factory Morrisound Studios...

Release features a special die-cut sleeve with embossed artwork in a fantastic layout by the hand of Mike Hrubovcak. Audio received special treatment by Robbert K (Disavowed).

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