Velvet Cacoon - "P aa opal poere pr.33" out now

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Velvet Cacoon - "P aa opal poere pr.33" out now

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STS008: Velvet Cacoon - "P aa opal poere pr.33"is now manifest only via Starlight Temple Society, your source for decadent cosmic art.


(taken from website): Velvet Cacoon returns 5 years after their classic "Genevieve" with their best material to date, "P aa opal poere pr. 33". This new opus sees the controversial Portland, Oregon based band taking a slower & more methodical approach to their trademark sound while also handing vocal duties over to Snowfall frontman 'Cain' for most of the album. The result is not a simple continuation of "Genevieve" as some had expected it would be; rather "P aa..." is an entirely new conceptual radiance of Velvet Cacoon's greatest strength, and that is their ability to continue pushing their creative vision towards utterly unique and original ground.

"P aa....." comes housed in a specially printed 7"x7" black envelope with a folding insert doused with the blood of puffer fish. A high quality layout, and a high quality release.

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DivShare File - Velvet_Cacoon_-_Marylux_finished_.mp3[sample 1]
DivShare File - 06 Oviamoire.mp3[sample 2]

More info on the album and how to order can be accessed through our official digital nexus @:

[wholesale available, email for particulars]

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Re: Velvet Cacoon - "P aa opal poere pr.33" out now

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Infame [RIP 2011/04/17]

Re: Velvet Cacoon - "P aa opal poere pr.33" out now

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dextronaut Escreveu:genius

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